Welcome to Good Morning Flamingo!

Hi! My name is Morgan and I am addicted to living out my wildest dreams. Welcome to the sunny side of the street and to Good Morning Flamingo!

I left the states on January 9, 2014 after deciding my dreams were more important than anything. I had wanted to live in Spain for a long time and finally realized that the time had come to SAY YES to myself!


For me, being comfortable had become extremely uncomfortable.

So, I quit my job, left my family, left my friends, left comfort and stability, packed a backpack and LEFT.

I live in Granada, Spain and teach English to adults for B1 and B2 Cambridge exam preparation. I LOVE my job and my students. I am the crazy American teacher in a sea of proper English speaking Englishmen and women. I wouldn’t have it any other way…and I’m positive it wouldn’t work any other way.

I started this blog to inspire you.

If you want to make a change, GO DO IT! Change will not come to you and life will not wait. I know it’s scary to leap, but isn’t that fear also thrilling?

Whether you want to travel, explore, sing, draw, write, cook, take that job in New York, whatever! I just want to make a difference and prove that going for it is really easy and incredibly rewarding once you get over the fear of change and risk.


Good Morning Flamingo is a manifestation of a long day of drinking rum and taking in the sun, amongst other things, on an endless dock in Belize in December of 2012 with some truly great people. We were talking about the meaning of names and started breaking down what our names translated to or represented. When it was my turn, my mind was blown by what came out of my mouth.

THE infamous dock

My full name is Morgan Garza. While traveling, people have said 3 things to me when I tell them my name is Morgan:

1. Oh, Like Morgan Freeman? (yes…the big black dude)

2. Ah si, el famoso pirata! (apparently my famous Spanish namesake is a pirate. I’ll take it.)

3. Morgen? Like morning in German? (I mean…sure)

So here’s the breakdown: Morga(e)n is German for morning, so I naturally tagged on “good”. Garza is Spanish for heron – a long legged fresh water bird (which I spiced up a bit with flamingo because I feel I have a bit more flare than a heron).

And just like that, Good Morning Flamingo was born.

I knew that my journey to Spain and through myself had to be shared as a vehicle to inspire and stir something inside of you. I was ready to take my thoughts from the pages of my endless journals (seriously, I have a box  of journals/diaries from since I could write) to a larger audience.


The only thing that holds people back from making themselves happy is themselves. And whether that thought is conscious or not, you’d be surprised by the amount of people who think they can never be really happy, and worse, that they don’t deserve it.

We are infinitely powerful beings. When we realize this, there is little that can hold us back from achieving anything we set our minds to.

My mind has been opened by travel and I have developed an insatiable appetite for adventure and the unknown.

I am proof that if you want something bad enough and you can’t stop thinking about it that you should do everything you can to make it a reality. I am also proof that you don’t have to live the way society makes you think is “right” if it doesn’t feel right.

So if not now, when?

“Empty pockets never held anyone back. Only empty heads and hearts can do that.” – Norman Vincent Peale

Join me on my journey through Spain and beyond!

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Contact me with questions on travel, living abroad, teaching English, or how to JUST DO IT – whatever it may be!

Love and light,

Morgan | GMF