• Spain
  • 7 Lessons from the Road


    From the first time I went abroad I knew I was screwed. My life would never be the same and I would live in a perpetual state of, “WOW, what a ride! What’s next?” I was ignited by wanderlust and I never wanted the flame to die. 10 years later, I live abroad in Spain […]

  • Spain
  • Life, What is it But a Dream?


    I haven’t written in about a month because I have just been so damn busy enjoying life! It seems like each weekend since spring sprung there has been something fantastic happening! The sun is shining and living truly is easy. Granada blossomed in so many ways when the frost of winter melted and the trees […]

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  • Chefchaouen: The Blue Village


    Although I only spent a fleeting 36-ish hours in this magnificent village, I feel forever changed from it. This spontaneous trip came to fruition just 3 days before departure, as my 90 days in Europe drew near and the pressure was on to get to Africa.