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By the title of the post, you know I’m in heaven.

A lot of people were surprised when I told them I wasn’t moving to Barcelona or Madrid. Being the most popular destinations in Spain and the most populated, I naturally avoided them. I’ve always been drawn to getting off the beaten path and this adventure was no exception. 

I fell in love with Granada in 2011 when I was backpacking Europe with my dear friend Hailee. There was something that intrigued me about this city that I hadn’t felt in any other city we visited in Spain. We didn’t even spend all that much time here but I felt something I can’t explain. Call it my ancestral connection, a past life experience, or a modern day love affair, I knew I had to have more.

Granada is dynamic and ancient and gorgeous and clean and unique. It is perfectly situated in southern Andalusia with the snow capped Sierra Nevada mountain range to the south east and the warm Mediterranean Sea just an hour away. This city pretty much covers all the bases for me.


I am such a nerd and would rather watch a documentary or take a journey into the universe with NatGeo than watch even a minute of The Bachelor. This city is my nerd heaven. There is so much to explore and discover and thousands of years of inhabitants to learn about. I am pretty sure I lived and thrived here in a past life. I cannot explain the connection I feel to the city other than divine. I have been here before many, many years ago.

From the early Iberian settlers in 800 B.C., Granada has been the host to thousands of years of golden eras. I’m no history buff, so for a brief history lesson, click here.

The evidence of the previous inhabitants of the city over the course of its long life are visible throughout Granada. The Moors may have left the most important however, the Alhambra. It is one of the oldest and most important relics in the world.

IMG_2114Sunset on the Alhambra my first night in Granada.


The Albayzín and Sacromonte Caves are some of the oldest parts of the city of Granada. These districts are made of narrow, steep, cobble stone streets dating back to Granada’s Moorish ancestors.

In Sacromonte, people have carved caves into the mountains. Some of the caves have 3 and 4 bedrooms, running water and even electricity – and some are just caves. There are also restaurants, bars, clubs, stores and businesses in Sacr0monte. It is mostly inhabited by gypsies, real deal gypsies – not what I’m claiming to be haha!

IMG_2179 The edge of Sacromonte – these are all caves

IMG_2185 Ancient meets modern


Granada is also well-known for its unique and thriving tapas culture. When you order a drink at nearly every restaurant or bar, you get a free tapa – a small plate of food. The prices for a drink (beer, wine, soda and juice include tapas) ranges from 1.50-2 Euros. Pretty affordable to eat and drink if you ask me. At some places you can choose your tapa and at others you are brought something from the menu of their choice. I tend to like the places that bring you a surprise tapa, life is more exciting that way!

I do find that I get drunk quite easily when I go out for “dinner” and end up having 3 glasses of wine trying to get full off tapas. This has led to some interesting nights/days though haha! I’ve since learned to eat a little something before going out so that I don’t lose consciousness before I get full. However, there are a few bars in the city that offer large tapas for good prices.

Moral of the story is I think I made the right choice for me. There are so many great places in Spain and for me, this was a perfect fit for a first stop. Yup, I said first stop. Planning on being here for a while and I am sure I will fall in love with Spain all over again in each new city.

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    You are living your DREAM! So so so happy for you. 2014 is sure to be full of great adventures 🙂

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    Ur da best

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