Life, What is it But a Dream?


I haven’t written in about a month because I have just been so damn busy enjoying life! It seems like each weekend since spring sprung there has been something fantastic happening! The sun is shining and living truly is easy. Granada blossomed in so many ways when the frost of winter melted and the trees exploded with leaves and flowers. There is just so much to do and I’ve met so many new people to do it all with.

A few top level updates:

1. 40 days of harmonica was a failure. Oops. I got through about 15-20 days but then went on vacation for a week to Portugal and accidentally forgot my harmonica at home and then that pretty much killed that whole deal. 40 days is a long time people! And I don’t like being told what to do, even if I am telling myself to do it. Maybe I will have more of an urge to play now that I’m not obliged by time and space to get it done. Or not. We will just have to see what summer brings! I did warn that my willpower was not strong, to be fair.

2. Lagos, Portugal is a pretty incredible place.

3. I got my music festival fix in Murcia last weekend. Just in time too, I was about to explode.

4. I turn 28 in 2 days. (!!!!!!!)

5. Life is beautiful! (no surprise there)

So, let’s get started then. LAGOS! Semana Santa was a blessing. I was pretty much at my breaking point with teaching and the “grind” and a week long vacation in paradise is just what the doctor ordered. Teaching is fun and I really am loving it but like anything, a break from work is always welcome. 6 of us piled in my friend’s van and trekked to Lagos for 6 days. We camped and sat on the beach and paddle boarded and met a bunch of people and had some crazy times and a ton of laughs. I went on the trip knowing one person and came home with some great friends. It’s crazy how 6 days in a small town with each night spent in a tent with 6 other people can really bond you together. The continuous laughter and perfect balance of personalities also helped. I’ve never been to Thailand, but a lot of people compared the cliffs and freestanding rock islands of Lagos to Thailand. I’ll take their word for it.

1797377_10153995029740464_6632436595421275804_nThe goof troop

Paddle boarding was a great way to see each little cove and island and arch up close and personal. It was also a killer workout and a serious test of my balance and endurance, especially when the strong current and wind blew through the small channels in between rocks. There was one point when I thought we’d have to call in the coast guard to come get us (I was paddling with a friend sitting on the front of my board). I was paddling like there was no tomorrow and not moving an inch! But with a little persistence and a cold beer hanging from a string in front of me (in my imagination of course) I pulled through and got us to shore. We had such a great time.


Lagos was pure perfection. Sun everyday, fun every night, and wonderful people to share it all with. Win win win! I highly recommend Portugal for all your paradise needs.


The two weeks between Lagos and the music festival in Murcia were spent working, recovering, exploring Granada more, and hanging out with my new friends.  I am really getting comfortable here and I feel like a normal person finally. Moving to a new country knowing no one is definitely a shock to the system and to my social butterfly tendencies. It is really nice to know the city now and have favorite spots and to run into people on the street. I love running into people on the street. It makes me so happy to bump into someone, have a quick chat and then put my headphones back in and go on my way. Granada is small and the expat community is even smaller. Everyone knows everyone and it has been really fun getting to know all the other people who followed their dream like I did. I have met some beautiful souls!

The music festival in Murcia was also a timely escape. I need a music festival at least once a year. It is my time to throw my arms in the air and release myself from anything and everything. There is something absolutely magical about live music. I need it. It is my therapy. My chance to let my soul run wild and free without worrying about a damn thing except who’s up next and how long the beer/bathroom line is. Absolute freedom.

Screen Shot 2014-05-09 at 12.45.37 AM

I went with a group of guys; which has always been my comfort zone. I’ve never been the girl who has a million girlfriends. I have my core group of ladies who are like family but I just don’t relate to most girls like I do with guys. Girls stress me out a little bit and I find the conversations to generally be very surface level with new girls. I’ve met exceptions to this (of course) and have some wonderful ladies in my life here, but I can’t talk about makeup or celebrities or boys all the time and I have absolutely no tolerance for drama or conversations centered on TV shows. So going with a group of guy friends was perfect for me. Of course it would have been fun to have a lady by my side, but I can hold my own with the boys. Drama free weekend at its finest. I also didn’t take one picture so I have nothing to show you, sorry. My iPhone stayed in the safety of my backpack, far away from my sweet dance moves and thievery. But trust I smiled and sang and danced like I was on fire and had a fantastic time.

And now it is almost my birthday! Which also means I’ve lived in Spain for 4 months! Time is flying and I am really starting to think a year won’t be nearly enough. Don’t quote me on that, but as of now I never want to leave. My Spanish is ever improving, my social circle is growing, and my heart is full of love and light.

Now I just need to figure out what summer means for me. I am going to live at the beach, this I know for sure. Which one, I do not know – which also is a liberating feeling. I feed off of the unknown, and let me tell you something…I don’t know anything about the future right now haha!

This is still surreal. I am so happy I did this. Life is but a dream…a dream I am living daily.

All smiles, as expected.

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