I Live in Spain!!!


Hiking in the Sierra Nevadas
I have been living in Spain for 2 months, but it took me 9 years to get here. I laid a trail of bread crumbs in 2005, when I first set foot in Barcelona, knowing one day they would lead me back.

I knew from the first day that this country was where I belonged. Living in Spain was the only consistent thought I’ve had for the past 9 years, honestly. I always saw myself here. I found the idea of moving overseas incredibly romantic, yet seemingly impossible. It just seemed so hard to pick up and move to another country, alone. But in all reality it is exactly like picking up and moving to California or New York. The only major difference is that I’m here illegally….until I can get a European to marry me of course! Haha, just kidding…but that would solve a lot of problems.

I moved to Granada, Spain a month after making the decision. I essentially had an epiphany (and a little divine intervention from my Dad; which I’m pretty sure he now regrets, haha) that a dream I’d had for a long time could actually turn into a reality. That my dreams didn’t have to be “one day” and that I alone had the power to make them happen today. So I did. And now I’m here…voilà! But I didn’t fly here on a magic carpet or teleport, not that those forms of transportation weren’t attractive. I worked hard and stuck to my goal and did research and cut back on spending and flew here on a plane like a normal person…with no job or friends or place to live.

Needing a way to fund this adventure, I decided teaching English would be the most accessible and feasible plan. The major hiring seasons in Spain for English teachers are October and January so I didn’t have much time to waste. I am happy I had such a short amount of time because I would have died of anticipation if I had to wait any longer than that to leave. I actually ended up leaving a few days earlier than planned, giving me even less time at home.

4 days after arriving, I got a job teaching English! Coincidentally, I got the job on the 14th of January which was the day I was planning to leave the states.

Currently, I  work with kids ages 3-8 in local schools and through private lessons with both kids and adults. It’s not my dream job and I am not even a “kids person” but I live in Spain so who cares. I am horribly awkward and uncomfortable around kids. I never know whether to coo at them and pinch their cheeks or say “what’s up” and ask what their weekend plans are. But after a few terrifying lessons (for the kids and me), I got the hang of it. I play with them, yell sometimes, laugh a lot, and even learn some Spanish along the way! It could be worse. I think we all like each other, most days.

I found my flat (I’m Euro now guys haha) through a website called piso compartido and it is basically Spanish craigslist to rent/sell a flat or look for a room. I live with 3 people, a Spanish girl, a Spanish guy and a German girl. They are really cool and we have had some fun times together so far! I got really lucky I think. The flat is big and sunny and my room is huge for Spanish standards with lots of light. Or maybe I just think it looks so big because I have a twin bed. Ugh, haha! It’s not so bad but there is definitely no starfish space to spread out and I have to be careful when I roll over.

I walk everywhere! I take the bus to a couple classes because they are far and I am short on time, but other than that I walk probably 2-3 miles a day. I love walking. It is like my special time with myself. Just moving and observing with sweet jams in my ears and a spring in my step. Knowing where I’m going makes it even better but wandering is nice too.

Granada with the Sierra Nevadas to the south

I am living and working in Spain, meeting people, taking trips, exploring, getting lost, getting found, speaking Spanish, experiencing the culture, and smiling a lot. And drinking wine, lots of local red wine! So, mission accomplished basically haha! Now all I need to work on is my Salsa dancing…my hips just don’t move like that!

Ahh, this is the life!

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  1. Brenna says: Reply

    So inspiring Morgan!!!! Wow…I am really happy for you!! Keep the posts coming!

  2. Linnzy says: Reply

    I got lost in your words only to snap out of it and realize I’m still in my cubicle… Super excited to hear you are doing well and wish all the best for you on life’s adventure. Hope our paths cross soon Mo Geezzzz!!

    Much Love,


  3. Kristen says: Reply

    You did it! You are living your dream and you have inspired me to do the same. Not all who wander are lost 😉

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