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  • Feel All the Feels


    Humans are a mess of emotions. We laugh and cry and scream and howl and smile and frown. We live in a delicate balance between bliss and despair – between being on top of the world and feeling like the world is on top of us. We are weird and dull and crazy and funny, […]

  • Spirit
  • Old Soul, Young Spirit


    As I begin my 29th trip around the sun, my 29th year of life, I cannot help but notice that I feel younger than I did at 24. 29 feels like 28 feels like 21. It is all the same. Our age does not define us, our attitude towards our age does.

  • Wellness
  • au naturel: Mind, Body & Spirit

    Photo on 7-17-14 at 12.15 PM

    Through yoga, meditation, vegetarianism and mindfulness I have transformed my life.¬†Once I converted to using all natural beauty products on my body, the full transformation was complete to living an au naturel lifestyle…damn it feels good to be a hippie! I don’t use deodorant and stopped brushing my teeth with toothpaste. My shampoo doesn’t have […]