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  • TEFL: Living & Teaching in Spain Illegally


    UPDATE Post #Brexit2016…I have no idea how the vote for the UK to leave the EU will impact illegal work…proceed with caution because times sure are a-changin’. Good luck out there wandering souls! For your reference: I lived and worked in Spain illegally from January 2014 – August 2015. I cannot be sure what laws […]

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  • 7 Lessons from the Road


    From the first time I went abroad I knew I was screwed. My life would never be the same and I would live in a perpetual state of, “WOW, what a ride! What’s next?” I was ignited by wanderlust and I never wanted the flame to die. 10 years later, I live abroad in Spain […]

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  • One Please


    I’m laying in bed in my new flat in the center of Granada. The sun is streaming through the french-style doors leading to my tiny balcony and warming up my feet. In the near distance, I can hear church bells from the Grand Cathedral and the soft notes of an accordion are floating into my […]