• Spain
  • WTF: What’s The Future?


    When I moved to Spain, I never actually thought about leaving. That’s not to say I thought I would be here forever, spending the rest of my days as a siesta taking, Spanish señorita, I just lived in the moment completely – soaking up each moment of the adventure of my dreams. Now that I […]

  • Creativity
  • Feel All the Feels


    Humans are a mess of emotions. We laugh and cry and scream and howl and smile and frown. We live in a delicate balance between bliss and despair – between being on top of the world and feeling like the world is on top of us. We are weird and dull and crazy and funny, […]

  • Spirit
  • Old Soul, Young Spirit


    As I begin my 29th trip around the sun, my 29th year of life, I cannot help but notice that I feel younger than I did at 24. 29 feels like 28 feels like 21. It is all the same. Our age does not define us, our attitude towards our age does.

  • Spain
  • Home, I Am


    A thousand steps taken, a thousand more to go. A year abroad and still no clue where to blow. I left to find me to find home to find peace. But home is not something to find or a place to leave your things.  Now I see that home is not anywhere but within me. Home, I […]

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  • It All Lies Within


      8 months and 5,724 miles is what it took me to realize that everything I needed to be absolutely blissfully happy and at peace had always been within me. (28 years and a million miles to be exact…but who’s counting) I possess all the ingredients I need to make a happy and fulfilling life, I […]

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  • I Love You

    Photo on 9-14-14 at 2.05 PM #6

    Her face still thick with sleep Her eyes, sparkling with dreams She looked in the mirror and smiled and said, “I Love You!” She did this everyday and everyday her heart grew. She went out into the world with an air of confidence that drove men crazy and made other women mad. Life was easy […]

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  • sim · plic · i · ty


    I have less. I need less. I want less. Living a simple life is liberating. You realize that all the things you once placed so much meaning on become meaningless and almost a burden. Life can be lived with so little, but it is shoved down our throats that we need more and more material […]

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  • Surrender


    I surrender. To myself. To my insatiable need to explore. To my restlessness. To the Universe. To the unknown. To the road. To the gypsy inside. To adventure. To wanderlust. To my heart’s desire. I surrender.